fossilized heart pulp (amoralphreak) wrote in lostgeneration,
fossilized heart pulp

challenge 2

Wow, me participating...I know...

Jerusalem in Four Vignettes

Creak of steps leading to
three boys and a ball;
shift of weight against the path,
a slight nudge to the right,
just out of reach—
There is a mystic force here;
this plot of stones
grows men, grows bone-
and-blood brow, grows
wild words, spiced breath,
sprung hope…

A silver hook overhead,
lure of unseen bait

hung with crooked solemnity
by its wooden joint—

Nearby, the smell of salt sea;
and a vivid crust of red,

memory faded upon the cross
with each studied repetition.

Sunglow of early evening:
The wan night air creeping

slow along each stone,
white against the ground.

No one quite knows what faith means
but the curved road and tunnel to synagogue.

Train to the city:
Hand to hand parallels, the open-and-shut horror
of the darkened room, silence throbbing,
bleeding out the corners,
gripping in the gloom—

Outside, a boy and his sad eyes
pressed into the window, a flesh-and-glass beast
illuminated by the sand, pushing against the barriers
scratching the surface heat—

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