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hullo, all :D

have been accepted [how? o_o] this morning.

am thrilled to my very toes! ♥

I'm certainly nervous, since you're all dreadfully brilliant, so please be kind to me ;D I'm still very new at poetry, and I'm counting on all of you for honest concrit.


not a challenge poem, but I thought it'd be weird not to post without something to offer.

your silent naievete is bleeding me dry, you screamed
tuesday night. the slow pressure of your fingers pop and
crack my knuckles in the dark. your vampire eyes
and tender ears are all I can focus on right now.

when i slap you, you don't flinch.
i felt the readiness on your cheek
against my hand too late,
and i realize you've won.

inside my stomach churns acids
and the refined smile you gave me.
your well-placed muscles and marrow build
your existence. there's eternity in your spine, and geometry
in your tears. genius in your blood.

i've never hated you before,
but i think i want to try.
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