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(not) - for helen

Hello LGers,

How are you all?

I know, it's been a very, very long time for me: but hopefully, this is the end of the drought.  Feedback is always, always welcome.

Especially for out of practice poets such as myself.

Love, A.

- for helen -

i am not your perfection
          not a doll for you to dress; 
          to kiss; to haunt with empty promises 
          and false words and lofty passion 
                    (you want me; need me; 
                    kill me with your alligator smile: 
                    shark teeth rip into my bones)

i am not here for your convenience, 
          your whimsy does not dictate the 
          movement of my feet; 
          you will not hold my plans in place 
                    (they grow without light to breathe - 
                    no matter how you choke my shadow, 
                    it does not leave me)

i do not rely on your touch 
          on your mouth or fingertips and 
          all the sentences that you do not tell me - 
          all the things you do not say 
                    (i hear everything between the lines - 
                    you stutter and strut and spit: 
                    it falls all over the cuts in my hands)

i will not be pretty for you 
          my elegance is not defined by the motion 
          of your emotions; you will not scatter my peace 
          like clothes, like skin that burns, flames, dies 
                    (your bones give you away, they rattle and taunt, 
                    pulled tight over honour and obedience and 
                    i will not be your two-figured light, not anymore)

- end -

amy crosby 11.04.2006
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