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it is not enough to simply be

write now, right now.

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"You are all a lost generation." - Gertrude Stein

This is a community for poets of all kinds who want to be able to exchange ideas with other poets and to get critiques/comments/praise from other poets about their poetry.

Rules for community:

1) Unless vignette00, amoralphreak, or sistrgoldenhair invites you to join this community, you must send an e-mail to lostgeneration_apps@hotmail.com with your name, your livejournal name, and three poems that you think are representative of your best work. If you're accepted, any one of us will e-mail you within a week or two, maybe longer if we're busy. If you're rejected, you'll get an e-mail, but it might take longer, either because we don't know what to tell you or we're trying to write up a critique.

EDIT: After you send in an application, please click "join community" on this page so that you may track your application. (This way it is easier for us to accept or reject you)

No hard feelings, sorry about the elitism, but it must be done.

2) Please, no flames or irrational criticism of poems when commenting.

3) Give the readers warning when you post a poem with obscenity or questionable content.

4) ONLY POETRY WILL BE ALLOWED. No short stories, essays, or criticizing of other works will be allowed as a post; you can maybe do this on a comment. Any posts that are not poems WILL BE DELETED.

5) Please use a lj-cut when posting long poems. You can read the FAQ for any information on how to use lj-specific tags.

6) Once you have been accepted to the community, please join lg_projects. Challenges and other such nonsense/fun will be posted there.

7) At this time, the moderators (as well as the members) of the community are on hiatus and unfortunately are not accepting or looking at applications.

That's about it. Have fun. Write poetry. Enjoy.